The Unexpected Benefits of Exercise

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If exercise were put into tablet form, everyone would be prescribed one every day.

By having the equivalent of five sessions of 30 minutes moderate walking per week you would received massive health benefits.

The good news is, you don’t need to take a tablet, just the moderate exercise.

The Benefits

So, in addition to the well documented benefits of exercise, such as improved cardiovascular health and weight reduction, there are also important benefits for how our brain functions.

Stress Reduction

Exercise releases natural stress reducers in the brain. So, if you’re feeling tense take one of your 30-minute exercises doses, allowing your body to release norepinephrine which will moderate your brain’s response to stress.

Be Happy

Once again, your brain contains all the medication you need to make you feel happier. Exercise stimulates the release of endorphins. By exercising regularly, you’ll build up levels of this substance in your body.

Improve Self-confidence

Exercise improves how you feel about yourself. Again, this is due to exercise stimulating the limbic centre in your brain where memories and perceptions are modified.

Fresh Air

There’s more oxygen in the great outdoors. The outdoors further increases our self esteem.

Slow Down Cognitive Decline

Aging kills off brain cells. Exercise can and will help slow this process down. What are we waiting for!

Alleviate Anxiety

The brain’s natural medicine comes in handy again. When we exercise, chemicals that help calm you down are released into our bloodstream. These naturally occurring substances keep on working after exercise.

Boost the Brain

One 30-minute cardio session pumps extra blood to your brain, delivering the oxygen and nutrients it needs to perform at maximum efficiency. Cardio exercise also floods the brain with chemicals that enhance functions such as memory, problem solving, and decision making.

“Cardiovascular health is more important than any other single factor in preserving and improving learning and memory. You’re working out your brain at the same time as your heart.”

Thomas Crook, PhD, clinical psychologist and memory researcher.

Help Control

Short bursts of exercise can distract people from cravings, be that chocolate, smoking or whatever you crave.

Increase Relaxation

Exercise increases the body’s core temperature and when that temperature drops back to normal the body wants to sleep.

Be More Productive

Workers who exercise regularly are more productive. A perfect time for a walk could be lunch time. When you get back, you’ll be ready for action!

More Creative

All that extra blood circulation and nutrients going to the brain makes you more creative. So next time you need some ideas have a brisk walk first.

So, from now on…

  • Exercise straight from work, then you’ll sleep better.
  • If you’re meeting with just a couple of people, have the meeting whilst walking.
  • Need to be creative? Try a gym session before the think tank!

You get the idea. Just do it!

And you won’t be sorry.



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