Stand-Up Desks

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I’m often asked what are my views on Stand-Up Desks.

On the whole I think they are fantastic because a Stand-Up Desk, as long as you can alter the height, gives you the option to stand or sit whilst working at your computer.

Now, one of most important ways to prevent office related pain is to move.

This could be:

• Fidgeting – giving a minimum amount of movement or
• Walking and Exercise being the best form of movement.

A standing desk possibly allows you to move about more easily and certainly you should alternate throughout the day – when you’re tired in standing then choose to sit. So that is movement.

Causes of office pain

One of the main causes of pain when working in an office is static loading- holding the same position. This puts strain on the same structures over a period of time. Static loading can lead to fatigue in soft tissues which would cause pain…an injury. And this is why I think we should mix up standing and sitting, adding in the good posture, fidgeting and exercise.

Cor blimey –  if this would happen I’d be out of a job!

So you can see that standing for long periods is just as bad. I always feel sorry for shop assistants – many of them complain of back pain because standing for long periods really challenges back posture. We tend to sag which accentuates the curves in the spine placing more pressure on these structures.

So I hope my perspective on this subject helps you make an informed choice on the subject. Then I could talk all day about tredmill/bike desks!

So what do you think about standing desks?

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