Rowing in the Gym with Good Posture

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I can’t help myself but I always want to ask people when they’re on the rower if they are nearly there yet? It’s just the way I am.Good Posture on Rowing Machine

So… the rowing machine. Lots of people I treat say that they avoid the rower. Why? If you start on a lowish resistance, gradually increase the time, use a varied selection of other exercises as well, and of course keep in good posture whilst rowing, what can go wrong?

Good posture on the rowing machine

Sit in pelvic neutral. When you’re in pelvic neutral there will be a slight inward curve in the lowest part of your back. Simple!

When gliding back and forth holding on to the hand grip and pushing with your legs, make sure you keep pelvic neutral.

Keep your shoulders wide and don’t let your chin poke forwards.

If you start to lose your good posture you’ve had enough, so stop. Recover then try something else.

The mistakes

People bend their backs and reach too far forwards on moving towards the wheel. This strains their lower back, mid-back, neck and shoulders. Then, when they push back they lean backwards and strain their back.

Always start with quality (by this I mean good posture) rather than speed and resistance. Once you have the quality, gradually increase your time and then you can speed up or go for more resistance.

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