Office Lifting & Handling

Office Lifting & Handling

Lifting and handling are inevitable parts of office life. But if you overdo things, you could easily injure yourself. So here are a few simple rules to keep you safe.

1    NEVER be tempted to lift an object if you think
it’s going to be too heavy for you.

You can test this by trying to move the corner or one side of the object. If it’s too difficult, then it’s too heavy for you. Simple.

It might be fine for someone else to lift, or you might need specialist lifting equipment.

2  If you can lift an object, you MUST do it in the right way.
Don’t take risks!

So if you need to move and lift everyday manageable office objects like files or reams of paper, this is how it can be done:







  • Do store heavy objects at waist height
  • Do carry at waist height
  • Do split files into manageable loads>
  • Do use a trolley to take files to a car
  • Don’t lift up high
  • Don’t hold objects at arm’s length

Green TickDo Store heavy objects at waist height

Green TickDo carry at waist height