Neck Exercise: Powerful pain prevention Exercises

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Neck PainNeck pain is very common, especially amongst people sat in front of computers all day. So it’s an area I’m very interested in.

What we do makes us what we are.
By this I mean that our everyday activity, or inactivity, greatly influences what our body becomes. An example would be that if you’re on bed rest your muscles become weaker or if your knee is in a plaster cast the joint becomes stiff. It’s not rocket science.

Sat in front of a computer screen all day has an effect. We tend to sit in poor posture which in real terms means:

• The muscles that give our neck strength and stability get weaker
• Neck joints stiffen because they’re not moving
• Poor postures increases strain on your neck

So it’s no great surprise that neck pain amongst office workers is very common.

The exercise that takes pride of place here has to be good. It has to change our activity because we are what we do day in, day out, remember? It’s not enough to strengthen neck muscles or to make your neck move more easily, it must also improve your posture and the way we move.

Improving static posture and moving in good posture will help us attain:

    • Strength in deep stability muscles
    • Mobility in neck joints

So what are you waiting for?

Neck Retraction Exercise

Neck Retraction

Retracting Neck

Sit on a chair with your back supported.

Keep your face straight and upright, then pull your face backwards and upwards.

Because the neck joints are at an angle you should grow taller. You are now fully retracted.

Relax back into the starting position and repeat 5 times, am and pm whilst at work. Of course.

The exercise is to go from normal sitting to an over corrected position. This action will work the muscles that give the neck strength and move the joints and improve your ability to have better posture.

To improve your posture on the last retraction just relax partially so you’re keeping a little retracted.

But you still must make that massive step for mankind and choose your improved posture regularly.
Because if you don’t, remember… what we do makes us what we are!

Have a look at this video of the exercise:

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