Get Rid of Lower Back Pain with Good Standing Posture

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Lower back curve problemsDo you get pain in the lower back when you stand for a while?

Well, it could be that your standing posture isn’t quite as it should be, and that’s what’s giving you the nagging lower back pain.

If you stand with an accentuated inward curve in your lower back then small joints in the lower back, called facet joints, are under increased strain. And this can lead to strain and pain if you hold the posture.

But you can overcome this problem with practise and a couple of simple exercises to help correct the habit or pattern of movement.

Watch this video and I’ll show you what you can do to help…

So, this is what you do…

  • Stand with your back against a wall with heels 2 cms away from the wall.
    Your bottom, upper back and, if possible, the back of your head should be resting on the wall.
    If your head won’t reach the wall, don’t strain.
  • In this position, there should be just enough space to slide your hand in between the lower back inward curve and the wall.
  • If there is too much space, flatten this curve until your hand is touching the wall on one side and your back on the other side.

This will be your good standing posture for your lower back.

Whilst finding this position, keep your knees straight and don’t drop your chest down.


Mini Squat Exercise

This will help you to learn and adapt this position:

  • Find your good posture position as explained above or on the video then…
  • Whilst maintaining this good posture, slowly bend your knees to do a mini-squat
  • Then straighten your knees, again whilst keeping the good postural position. This will help you to learn the new, correct standing posture.





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