Keeping in Good Posture – Sitting to Standing

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Posture is a constant state…

Whether we’re moving or being still, awake or sleeping, we can be in good posture or we can be in bad posture.

Bad posture – as you know from this Blog – can harm your health and happiness.

But when you choose good posture :

  • There is less strain on your joints, muscles and tendons.
  • Your deep stability muscles have a chance to work.
  • Your circulation is better.
  • Your digestion is better.
  • You look better.

So if you know what your good posture is then you can make an informed decision. Why would you not?

In our last post, we looked a Standing Posture, so now let’s look at keeping in good posture when you’re moving from sitting to standing.


So Sitting to Standing…
  1. Come to the front edge of your seat whilst maintaining your good sitting posture.
  2. Tuck your feet under your knees.
  3. Whilst maintaining good spinal posture, bend forwards slightly at the hips only.
  4. Bend forwards until you have your weight over your feet.
  5. Maintain the same spine posture, so no movement here, engage the buttock muscles, squeeze your buttocks together, then move vertically.
  6. Keep your knees slightly apart.

The idea is that your buttocks work really hard and so you don’t have to bend the back.

Remember … what you DON’T want to do as you sit down or stand up is:

● Arch your lower back
● Let your knees come together

Some people will find this too difficult, so if you do, just raise the seat or find a higher seat to practice this exercise. This will make the job easier for the buttocks.

Then progress the exercise by gradually lowering the seat.

The buttock muscles are a very important muscle group and so I’ll dedicate my next blog to this muscle group and give you some more exercises to engage and to strengthen them.

PS: Don’t forget to share the video with your friends!

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