How Exercises Help Prevent Office-Induced Pain

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Exercises play an important role in the prevention of office pain. But exercise gives us so much more…let’s look into this a bit more first.

Exercises are a massively underused resource that are so often disregarded. Doctors still don’t fully understand why exercise is so effective in combating diseases and medical conditions.

There are plenty of articles and websites on the internet that give you more information on how exercise can help prevent:

  • Some cancers,
  • Heart disease,
  • Diabetes,
  • Osteoporosis,
  • Asthma,
  • Autoimmune system,
  • Depression
  • …plus Back Pain and a myriad of injuries that develop through work.

With this in mind, surely exercise should play a major part of our lives.

So, how much exercise?

In the UK, medical advisers to the government say that we should all take 150 minutes of moderate exercise every week, such as brisk walking. General physical activity like this can help treat and prevent many of the conditions I’ve mentioned. But we can get much more specific with exercise to prevent musculoskeletal pain (structures including the muscles, tendons and ligaments around bones and joint), such as office-induced back, neck and shoulder pains.

Exercise to Prevent Office Pain

How come? Because we’ve studied the occupational strains we subject our bodies to in an office, we all know that to not get injured we must be able to withstand these strains. Here, we use specific exercise to strengthen the stability of joints and their attached structures, plus exercise to give us better skills to maintain good posture. Both these activities increase the protection of our joints.

However, there is only so much that our bodies can take and this is where wriggling in your chair, getting out of your seat and just plain movement comes in to reduce occupation strain and so help our bodies cope without getting pain.


So in Positive Posture we prevent office-induced pain by just doing this. Our On-Screen  Reminder regularly brings you back to the position of less strain good posture. The exercises we teach you enable you to better keep good sitting posture. Plus, some exercises give your joints better strength to resist strain. A couple of the exercises also stretch tightening structures. So this is how we prevent pain…With a specific, evidence-based protocol, all of which you do whilst working, which is when they really matter.

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