The Positive Posture Physiotherapy Clinic

Pain Relief, Prevention and Rehabilitation

So… why would you need Positive Posture Physiotherapy?
Well, here are a few reasons. You might have:

• Been in an accident
• Injured yourself playing sports
• Suffered chronic back pain for long enough
• Or even decided you want to prevent any future sporting, occupational
or general injury by taking action

I’m Jane Morgan, and I created Positive Posture as a response to my experiences as a Chartered Physiotherapist over the past 30 years. I didn’t want to just treat pain, and end up seeing the patient again with the same problem.

I wanted to make sure that person didn’t get that injury again.

So when I treat a patient I always go beyond just treating their pain … I make sure they have the tools they need to stay injury-free.

The Positive Posture Experience

When you come to me with pain, I always start with a careful assessment and an accurate diagnosis, followed by fast, effective treatment and rehabilitation.

The next vital step is Pain Prevention… So I reassess and create a corrective exercise plan to correct any faults and protect you against further pain.

Some people come to me just for Pain Prevention because they want to stay pain-free in the future. Again, I start with a thorough assessment of their musculoskeletal weak points, and create a tailor-made, personal-for-them Corrective Exercise Plan.

Whether you’re in pain now, or you want to protect yourself for the future,
give me a ring on 0844 209 8453.

Positive Posture at Home

If you’re not able to come to the Clinic, I can visit you at home. Just give me a ring on 0844 209 8453 to arrange an appointment.

Positive Posture in the Workplace

This all-inclusive approach to pain prevention, treatment and protection is now available in the office workplace to help people who work at computers stay pain-free.

No weekly exercise classes to drag yourself off to month after month! This is all given to you online and incorporates all the expertise I give my patients at my clinic in person.

Find out more about preventing the epidemic of office pain.

With Positive Posture, I’m looking for long-term results, not just a quick fix.