How to Exercise Gluteus Medius

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Now, from reading my last blog, you know how important this muscle is – so, let’s do it!


Lie on your side with your knees bent to 90 degrees. Keep your thighs in line with your body.

Place your top hand at the back of your top buttock. This is important, as you’ll use your hand to stop any movement of your pelvis.

Gently pull in the lower stomach muscle (inner core) the smallest amount you can.

Feet togetherRaise your top knee off the lower knee. Use your hand on the back of your buttock to push and keep your pelvis still.

Any backward movement of the pelvis/buttock means that the gluteus medius (Marvelous muscle) isn’t working and, believe me, your body will try its best to get other muscles involved!

Try to raise the knee as much as possible whilst keeping the pelvis forwards.



Feet apartTo work the whole muscle, raise your top foot off the lower foot just a couple of inches. So, now the knee and foot are raised with the knee higher than the foot.

Hold for up to 10 seconds and do 10 repetitions.

Note: Your knee must always be higher than your foot.



Does it hurt?

If you get a muscle pain anywhere in the leg, or even your lower leg then stop. Try holding for less time. Keep coming back to the exercise until the pain, height of lift, number of repetitions, length of hold improve.

How many times to exercise the muscle

If you can do 10 repetitions with a 10-second hold then you only need to do this exercise 3 times per week.
If you’re struggling to get the number of reps, then practise twice a day to get the muscle stronger, quicker.



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