You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Till It’s Gone

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IMG_3191This can be said of many things: the love of your life, a great job or just a friend living near by. We all have so many treasures that we don’t realise we have and we take so many of them for granted.

I mention all of this because not being in pain is like a gift we take for granted. We don’t even notice it’s there.

But back pain amongst office workers is at epidemic levels.

By definition, an epidemic occurs when, for a given population, over a given period, new cases of a certain disease substantially exceed what is expected based on recent experience. Well, actually, there has been an “epidemic “ since the eighties, so “epidemic” is probably the incorrect term nowadays. Perhaps, now, we should use the phrase “continued onslaught”.

Plus… we do expect this pain in offices… But how sad – people just accept what is preventable!

Anyway, back to “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone”. Living a pain-free life is a blessing. Yet there are so many people who, from no fault of their own, have pain on a daily basis. It seems so wrong that people who don’t have pain take this for granted.

For example, if you’re NOT in pain and I suggest you do some simple PP Pain Prevention exercises, what are you going to say? Can you be bothered? Too much like hard work? I’ll do it later?

Sadly, ‘later’ might be too late. ‘Later’ you might be a victim of Office-Induced Pain. Just for the want of doing a few simple activities every day you’re having to cope with all that pain, cost and suffering. And you could have prevented it!

So, the moral of this story is, BE BOTHERED!

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