Arms on Chairs … Help or Hinderance?

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Office Chairs... With and Without ArmsArms on chairs… Hmmm!

First and foremost, you MUST be able to get your seating in the correct position.

Can you raise or lower the seat so that your shoulders are relaxed and your hands and forearms are in the correct position to work at your computer?

Can you then draw your chair up to the work surface with about four fingers between your body and the desk front?

So many times the problem is that the chair arms get in the way and you can’t draw the chair up close enough to the desk!

And the solution is… Remove the chair arms. I think all office chairs should have this option: easily removable arms.

Of course, another option is to alter the desk height, if you have the facility, but this doesn’t always solve the problem. For example, small people, with small torsos, may need the desk lowering which impinges on the chair arms, so that’s no good.

So, when are chair arms good?

If you have a painful back or leg condition, then chair arms can significantly assist by partially taking the weight off the painful areas when you stand from sitting at your office chair. And we know you should be regularly getting out of your seat.

Chair arms are also good if you’re not inputting at the keyboard and resting. At the appropriate height, chair arms can take strain off the neck and shoulders when resting.

But chair arms are not essential. Remember the most important feature is being able to adjust your seat so that your workstation fits YOU.

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