About Positive Posture

How I Saw the Need for
Helping Computer Users Stay Pain Free

I’m Jane Morgan. I’m a Chartered Physiotherapist with over 30 years’ experience treating mainly musculoskeletal injuries. That’s joints and muscles, such as backs and necks.

Now, back pain is a global epidemic, and neck pain isn’t very far behind. In fact, they’re the problems I see most frequently in my private practice, and that’s why I specialise in treating these areas.

So, what’s the problem?  

Well, I’ve treated just about everyone: from rugby players to ballet dancers – school children to the elderly. But the most vulnerable seemed to be people who work in offices and at computers.

When they came to me with back pain, the story was always the same:

 Successful treatment solved the problem for a short time
 Then they were back, in pain again.

I saw that, although I was treating people successfully,
there was something missing

The light dawns 

My eyes were opened when I was treating one lady who worked in an office. On her last session I said, ‘What you need is something to remind you to do the exercises and keep coming back to your good posture. I need to be with you at your desk…’

And that’s when the famous light bulb switched on!

I realised that people need more than just treatment. They need:

  to make fundamental changes to what they’re doing
  to carry on with those changes long-term
  to get help, encouragement and reminders to reinforce those changes.

…and Positive Posture was born!

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